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We offer the scientific community a platform to semantically explore research programmes and calls in order to quickly and easily identify forthcoming research funding opportunities

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sci-fund for Horizon Europe

The perfect complement to the EU Funding and Tender portal:

  • All EU funding opportunities accessible in one place
  • Analyzed and categorized using advanced AI techniques
  • Unprecedented search quality thanks to semantic technologies
  • Rich set of filters to quickly narrow down to fitting opportunities
  • Automatic alerts when changes to saved searches are detected
  • Intelligent correlation discovery between call topics
  • Visual exploration of topics and extracted funding themes
  • Infographic visualizations of research areas, budgets and deadlines
  • Automatically generated research profiles (available in 2023)

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What is sci-fund?

Intelligent support for the semantic discovery and management of funding opportunities

Do not spend endless hours trying to identify a fitting funding opportunity for your research. sci-fund semantically analyses structured and unstructured data and retrieves the most relevant opportunities based on your set of criteria. An abundance of filters allows for the refinement of results, whilst the created knowledge graph allows visual exploration, reveals semantic correlations, allowing researchers to access “hidden” opportunities.

Core functionality

  • Retrieve research funding information, from both structured and unstructured sources, at the international or national level
  • Semantically analyze the information using state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques
  • Create knowledge graphs that link funding opportunities with research and industry themes, individuals, organizations, projects, etc.
  • Provide advanced tools for searching, visualizing and interacting with the information
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Smart search over topics

  • Intelligent fault-tolerant auto-completion
  • Natural Language Understanding of search terms
  • Multiple filtering and results’ refining options:
    • Work Programme
    • Focus Area
    • Action type
    • Publication Date
    • Amount of Funding
    • Extracted Technology Readiness Level requirements
    • Extracted semantic concepts
    • Keywords
    • and more

Topic detail view

  • Access to all information about a call topic
  • Link to the original source of information
    (EU Funding and Tender portal, draft call document, etc.)
  • Overview of extracted semantic information
  • Quick links to other semantically related topics

Graph View

  • View a set of search results in sci-fund’s knowledge graph
  • Explore relationships between call topics and thematic areas
  • Navigate through the graph by expanding interesting path
  • Easily add or remove layers of detail
  • Use the current graph view as a new basis for search

Opportunity Management Functions

  • Save and reuse search queries
  • Configure search alerts and get automatically notified when new opportunities are added, or when the details of existing opportunities get updated
  • Export search results as easy-to-use PDFs
  • Share search results through email

Interactive Info-Graphics

  • View search results in a series of informative info-graphics
  • Choose among alternatives focusing on research areas, TRL, budget, deadlines, etc.
  • Seamlessly navigate between search and info-graphic views, refining your search and adding filters along the way
  • Export info-graphics for use in planning, presentations, etc.

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sci-Fund Plus

additional content & additional features

Need access to National or additional international funding sources?

  • Government agencies and funding programmes
  • Cross-country collaboration initiatives
  • Research foundations
  • Industry supported grants
  • Professional organizations’ funding schemes
  • Innovation challenges

Interested in using research profiles in sci-fund?

  • Automatically generated profiles for individuals and groups, using:
    • available publications (e.g., from Google Scholar)
    • web sites describing research work, projects, etc
    • internal institutional sources
  • Mapping of research profiles onto knowledge graph
  • Tailored suggestions for funding opportunities
  • Recommendations for potential collaborators

Would you like to combine sci-fund with organizational knowledge?

  • Enriched knowledge graph with information specific to your organization:
    • Organizational units
    • Affiliated researchers
    • Areas of specialization
    • Project participation
    • Past funding
  • Additional knowledge used to improve services across the board